5 Uncommon Uses For Solar Lights From Real Users

_MG_1004_V2The users of our motion activated solar light have come up with some great uses that we didn’t originally think of. We’ve had some great feedback on our motion sensing outdoor light and wanted to share them with our loyal users.

Remote Building Lighting

Do you have a shed or barn on your property that doesn’t have electricity running to it? Adding a solar light on the remote building can offer some much-needed light. One of our users installed our Solar Motion Light on her goat barn at her farm so that she can watch the pasture at night. Not having to run electricity to the remote building saved her time and money that she can put into taking care of her goats. She can also safely walk out to her barn at night, knowing that when she gets closer the motion sensor will brighten her path when she gets close.

Parking Light

If you have an outdoor parking space or garage, placing a solar light above the entrance can serve as a great guide point when parking at night.

Driveway and Path Lighting

For those who live in remote and rural areas, sometimes finding a driveway at night can be difficult. By placing a few of our solar lights on a pole near the entrance, you can add safety and peace of mind while making it easier for you to find your driveway in the dark.

Workplace Safety

According to the National Safety Council, one of the largest causes of workplace accidents is tripping. Poorly lit stairways or outdoor work areas can be hazardous and by adding a bright solar light to them can quickly add safety and security without the need for complex installation. Our Motion Sensing light can be installed quickly and is perfect for mounting temporarily at job sites, or for permanent installation around sheds or commercial storage areas.

Trash and Recycling Area Light

If your house stores your recycling or trash bins in a dark space outdoor, placing a solar light near them can help give some safety and needed light if you have to take out the recycling before early morning pickup. As a bonus, the motion sensing bright light might help scare away some light night animals snooping around.

Thanks for reading, if you have any more tips or great ideas that you have used our solar products for, leave us a comment below!

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