Solar LED Accent Light – NEW 2016

$89.99 $79.99

  • 2000mAH Li-ON battery for up to 3 nights of power
  • Soft warm light for path illumiation
  • Waterproof for outdoor use
  • Beautiful design blending form and function

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Product Description

This product provides a touch of class to any outdoor setting. Featuring a strong and beautiful aluminum body combined with the latest in LED and solar lighting technology. This is the perfect wall, accent, or walkway illumination option. This premium light provides constant illumination through the night, casting a soft warm glow to its surroundings. It’s weather sealed so it can stand up to the elements while looking good. Sporting a large battery and high-efficiency solar panel, this light can store enough power for up to three nights of light. That means you won’t be without it’s guiding illumination on a rainy day. The durability of this light lends itself to commercial and high-end outdoor settings.

Dual Mode Operation

Warm Light Mode – The device emits a gentle low power light that illuminates the surroundings.
Daytime Charging Mode – The light will not illuminate during the daytime, but will charge the solar panel.

Outdoor Ready

With an IP65 rating, the light is built for outdoor use. It can stand up to rain, splashes, and low power water streams, making it a perfect choice for even wet climates.

Long Lasting Light

A powerful 2000mAh Li-On battery means that your light will keep working even on darker days. After a full charge, the light can work for more than 3 nights.


If you find that your product is defective, please contact us and we will offer you a replacement. We stand behind our products.

Note: As the light is a solar light, it does require sunlight to operate. Please place the light in a location that will ensure direct sunlight.

Additional Information


2000 mAH Li-on (Non-user replaceable)

Total Lighting Time

More than 3 Nights


20 Lumens

Waterproof Rating


Solar Panel

5.5V, 1W Polycrystalline Silicon, 17% Efficiency


1 Year