The Truth About Solar Lights

SolarLight1Let’s get a few things straight. Many solar light products on the market use small batteries that won’t last the night, are poorly designed for outdoor use, or use dim LEDs that won’t illuminate the area. Have you ever bought solar stick style lights, only to have them break in half a year later? We have. In fact we have an entire box, a solar light graveyard, of broken stick lights. They get caught in garden hoses, knocked over lawn mowers, kicked over by playing kids, or just end up hidden in some overgrown bush.

The fact of the matter is solar lights require sunlight. If your light is hidden under your rosebush or placed in the shade, it’s not going to be providing much light when dusk rolls around. Stick lights and other ground based lighting has an inherent flaw that is hard to solve.

We thought there had to be a better way to add accent light to our outdoor spaces. That’s why we created Outdoor Mood’s Solar Security Light. Taking all of the issues I just mentioned, we set out to create a superior solar light product that actually works. Let’s look at each of the points I mentioned above and see why our product is the best option for your deck, porch or outdoor space.

Small Batteries

outdoor_mood_201601_dualmodeBreak open many solar lights and you will see they include a single AAA battery. Without going too far into the the technical reasons, one AAA battery is simply not enough to power a bright LED light throughout the night. We included a large 2000mAh Li-On battery to keep the your space illuminated all night. In addition, the battery is large enough to power the light for up to three full nights if there isn’t enough sunlight to recharge on a rainy day.

Insufficient Solar Panels

Small solar panels simply won’t collect enough sunlight to charge a large battery. Solar panel technology is getting better year over year, but at this point the panel must cover a relatively large portion of the product. We included a large 17% efficient Poly-crystalline Silicon Solar Panel to charge our rechargeable Li-On battery. This helps collect sunlight even if it’s not at peak brightness.

Poorly Designed

outdoor_mood_201601_rainOutdoor products that stand the test of time need to be waterproof and durable. If moisture can get in, then it’s not going to last. We’ve seen countless cheap lights fail because they get knocked over or were not sealed enough and moisture got in. On our light we added weatherstripping to seal the electronic areas. Our product is also crafted with a solid and modern exterior that helps direct rainfall to clean the solar panel, increasing it’s efficiency.

Dim LED’s

The entire point of a lighting product is to illuminate or enhance an outdoor area. Many products such as the LED stick lights can provide a subtle glow, but can’t really provide useful lighting to your outdoor spaces. To solve this problem we included two sets of LED lights that have separate functions on our light. When night falls, our dedicated set of warm low-power LED lights come on. They cast a warm glow over the area, and cast enough light to navigate in the dark. The second set turns on when motion is detected and cast a bright 200 Lumen white light to light up your deck or patio area.

Overview & Tips

We’ve put together some quick takeaways to help you pick out your next solar light product.

  1. Always check what type of battery your light has, if it’s only a AAA it likely won’t be very bright or stay lit all night.
  2. Double check the weather rating of your light using the IP Scale. Look for higher numbers, IP68 is the highest rating.
  3. The size of the solar panel matters, if it’s small the battery and light output is probably also small.
  4. The brightness of the LED’s matter if you want to illuminate your outdoor area. Look for the Lumen rating to gauge it’s brightness.

We’re confident in our product and stand behind it with a 1 year warranty. You can buy Outdoor Mood product securely online at Amazon, or at select Ace Hardware retail stores.

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